Calvary Sports focuses on the things it can control. A client’s grade in the draft is not one of the things we can control. We do everything in our power leading up to the draft to help increase that grade and get our clients in front of as many scouts as possible. The day of the draft there is one thing we can control: preparation. Calvary will rank every team in the NFL at our clients’ positions from 1-32. The ranking of the teams will be based on positions ranking, retirements, coaching and management changes, and level of the team’s interest. Calvary will not rate the teams based on our or clients’ favorite color, team, or even scout. This approach allows us to be fully prepared if our clients become PFAs. It ensures that our clients are put in the best position to make a roster.
Note: This process is important for every client. We have seen players with 3rd round grades become free agents. We refuse to be unprepared in that situation.

Our Services Include:

  • Draft Preparation

  • Collegiate All-Star Games

  • NFL Combine Preparation