Calvary Sports Management has been in the works for the better part of four years. The Lord put it on my heart to start this company and has shown me along the way how He wants it to function. We continue to strive toward the goal of becoming that company as we strategically place the right people in the right positions to build a team that is focused on serving our clients before and after football.

The concept of family gets distorted at times, but that is exactly what every person who comes into contact with us becomes to me. When a person chooses to allow Calvary to serve him it is a very humbling time. This company will never take lightly the fact that we are called not only to hone in on our craft and profession, but also to care about our clients as people. Relationships are very important to us at Calvary Sports. It always amazes me to see those relationships develop in front of my eyes. These young guys jumping on the trampoline with the kids or talking about their upcoming wedding date reminds me why I’m in this business. I so look forward to the day that we are at those weddings and get to hop on a flight to just catch a glimpse at their new baby through the glass. I have been very intentional to ensure that Calvary Sports has the tools and relationships in the industry to serve our clients in a professional manner. That allows me as a CEO to remain focused on the most important aspect of the business relationships. Calvary’s clients will always be family first, then players!

Relationships are very important in our company, but please do not let that focus confuse or mislead you about our resolve to serve you in your career! We believe that Calvary Sports Management is the best company this industry has to offer! We simply might define success in a different manner than others in the industry. Success in our view is defined by the following: Honoring the Lord throughout the recruiting process, being honest and upfront, assisting our clients in reaching their goals, and caring about our clients beyond their time on the football field. Calvary Sports refuses to subject anyone to cheap sales tactics and false promises. It would only hurt the relationship to start off on the wrong foot by promising a player a certain draft position or try out when those things are simply impossible to promise. Calvary Sports will only give its word to do everything in its power to help you reach the next level on and off the field. My first client told me,”Agents don’t make players; players make agents.” That statement is as true today as it was on that day.
In closing, I would like to thank you for taking the time to consider Calvary Sports Management. We ask that you would keep the Calvary family in your prayers, as we will do the same for you.
– Bill Schwenk / Founder & CEO